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Fellow Monk @ RecruitingMonk | Recruiting Buddy| Research Analyst | Helping Recruiters . . From a School & College topper to an engineering drop out & now part of the Monk family. My life has been a super roller coaster and I have enjoyed every bit of it. Currently, I work as a Research Consultant at Recruiting Monk. As a Research Consultant, I love connecting with Recruiters across the globe, trying to understand their challenges & see how best our Monks at RecruitingMonk can help them. Connect with me, to stay afloat on the top happenings in the Recruiting Industry. Join RecruitingMonk - World's first free Knowledge base for recruiters. Contact Me at Yaswanth@Recruitingmonk.com

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  • 2 years
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Kindly eloborate the necessary skills/techniques/strategies, a recruiter should possess to overcome employer’s/ interviewer’s chaos, during a last-minute dissolution/mishap? (for eg: Let’s consider a case where a candidate has been cleared through for the final f2f discussion for a well organized ...

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Is it mandatory to have a degree in recruitment? Is it a good thing for the Industry that people without degrees or even MBAs join recruitment?

  1. Yes, very much. We are in a period wherein the concept of degree is just changing so rapidly and with top companies like Google & others hiring non degree holders, even Zoho for that matter in an Indian context. Degree is just a piece of paper which doesnt justify anyone's skills. In today's eraRead more

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I heard a lot about Boolean that its good for getting quality candidates, but i see most of the recruiters still work on Keyword search only. What is the difference/advantage between Boolean & keyword ?

  1. Keyword Search : Most of the recruiters who use keyword search do not understand how the search engine works, why do they get these results and what can they do to tweak it. Basically those who use keyword search are not in a position to talk with the search engine It is quantitative data set You caRead more