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  • Consultant
  • Capgemini
  • IT Services
  • 5 years
  • Bangalore

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As we all know that there are many users on various social platforms who follow company pages. Those are the people who can be a potential hire. How do we connect with such candidates?

  1. You can recruit from LinkedIn You can Scrape/Export LinkedIn List into Excel in a Click with LinkedIn Scraper Linkedin Profile Scraper helps you to export contacts data from any LinkedIn profile including people's search from LinkedIn profiles, LinkedIn group member search, etc. LinkedIn Phone NumbeRead more

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I have observed that many times that I have posted a job on LinkedIn but that post has received few views. Are there any methods that you suggest in order to maximize the views on a LinkedIn post?

  1. One way is you could have your fellow mates tagged to your post / an opportunity which would eventually fetch you more results , because you will have more members viewed by followers or connections of your fellow mates where you may not have connected or interacted with. Start a poll and ask your nRead more

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In order to reduce the offer drop out rates, Recruiters use several techniques which would eventually help them achieve that. One of them is effective salary negotiations. So, I would like to know at which stage is it feasible for ...

  1. I have a slightly different perspective to this question. Even before we think of salary negotiation, we should have these data points ready. Once we have the below data points ready and then comes the question when should you discuss about it. 1- What is the market benchmark for that role/skillset,Read more

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What are your predictions on the future of Recruitment/ Sourcing? What would a Recruiter / Sourcer need to adapt / learn in order to be always ahead of the change curve?

  1. That's true technology has become more mature than ever and AI has significantly changed the recruitment  process. Here you can try for one of the cv parsing tools i.e.: HireXpert https://txsas.com/HireXpert/bulk-cv-parsing.html . It has a cv parsing technique and this tool brings all the employers,Read more

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Many a times we come across profiles which look authentic bu then turns out to be fake later in the interview process. How can we eliminate such cases at the screening level?

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    Hello Varun, To answer your question, We should dig deep in a resume and look for: Analyzing their gaps between education & employment We need to check if they moved carrier from functional to technical also if they had self-employment period. They dont give proper justification about the reasonRead more