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  1. Hello ,

    i attached doc for Technology skills, which can help you, what is what, you give get an idea about Technical skills.




    T. Sudheer.

  2. Hello Varun,

    well i can give my view,

    when you received any resume, never see from top to bottom, come from bottom to top,

    1. check his 1st project in India, if he mentions any company name or Bank name
    2. If he mentions any bank name simply you can say that its a fake resume
    3. check with dates after done his project in India, if he continuously mentions dates mean he opts guy.
    4. ask him India project  or 2nd or 3rd project instead of the current project, if he murmured mean if he explained mean ok or else if he said anything considers profile is fake
    5. after getting his details to search in google with his full name or legal name you can find details
    6. check all his info with given company names or his social network you can find some info if it is genuine ok or else ask a candidate some Technical skills, and ask him in-depth questions you will know about his profile

    Hope this info will help you out, Thak you

  3. Well for this Question i shared a few xrays and search things which can help to all the people,

    1. create alerts from different sources like indeed, or any other companies or from google alerts which help to job sources to know what is happening around them.
  4. Hello harish,

    yes we have many tools for x-ray search tools, which are available online, basically, we know a few let me add you here

    1. https://recruitin.net/
    2. BOOL is the name to create boolean search and Xray string (chrome ext)
    3. Boolean assistant
    4. Hunter is also ext tool which we can find an email address
    5. Intelligence Search is one of the best tool (Chrome ext)
    6. Adapt Prospector– (ext it will show you hidden email id of the consultant)
    7. Lusha – Easily find B2B contact information (actually its a paid one it can show you all details of consultants including Email id, contact no, alternative no, social media details etc)

    Here are the custom search engines: from booleanstring.com

    Here are some Google Custom Search Engines for Sourcing I have created:

    1. Google No-Captchas(a.k.a. Search Like a Human)
      Public link: Search Like a Human– just search for anything without being tested for not being a bot
    2. Email Formats – use to discover email patterns for any corporation
    3. LinkedIn – Countries– X-Rays LinkedIn profiles; offers a dozen refinements by country
    4. Emails in Resumes– not only looks for resumes but also pushes email addresses in the resumes to be seen in snippets
    5. Document Finder– looks for documents that are stored in one of a dozen popular document storage sites, such as Slideshare
    6. File Types– looks for certain file types such as Excel and PDF. It is helpful if you are searching for lists or resumes
    7. Software Engineers in the Bay Area– exactly what it says (created by Julia)
    8. Hidden Resumes– triggers a resume search without any search operators. It is used on the site http://hiddenresumes.com
    9. Diversity Associations
    10. http://bit.ly/LinkedIn-XRay – just LinkedIn X-Ray
    11. http://bit.ly/LanguageSpeakers – X-Ray LinkedIn for language proficiency (search by a language name)
    12. http://bit.ly/developerresumes – Developer resumes
    13. http://bit.ly/GithubRepos – find Github users by programming languages
    14. http://bit.ly/Find-Accountants – find Accountants
    15. http://bit.ly/Find-Physicians – find Physicians
    16. http://bit.ly/hiddenprofiles – find social profiles (my most popular CSE!)
    17. http://bit.ly/findpersons – find people on the Internet

    i hope these details will help you out for xray and searching your profiles.. it only depends on practice.