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 An astute professional with 7+ years of insightful experience in Human Resource and Development. This includes working as a Human Resource Recruitment Consultant.  A dynamic go-getter with multi-tasking abilities in driving efforts towards achievement of organizational goals.  An enterprising leader with the ability to motivate personnel towards achieving organizational objectives and adhering to industry best practices.  Proactive in assessing learning and development needs and effectively aligning programs / interventions with business objectives.

  • Lead-Recruiter-TA-HR
  • Netcracker Technology
  • IT Services
  • 8 years
  • Pune
  1. we can not achieve 100% ratio of sure but we can minimize the damage.

    Everything in excess is opposed to nature and there is a lot of truth in this saying. Nothing in excess is good. For example, if you are doing engagement activities in excess then you are turning it into a spendthrift and candidates will never understand the importance of it.

    So check if its being done in excess. If not then try to work on your social media presence and try different tactics to keep the candidates warm (avoid doing repetitive tasks / events)

    Try to connect with the candidates on a personal level, offer them suggestions / help whenever possible, even if they reject the offer at the last moment try not to lose the tempo and understand the real reason behind the rejection.

    By working on it you may be able to minimize the damage.

  2. Answer to this would be:- By practicing on a regular basis.

    You can not be expert at anything by just reading / watching information regarding it.

    If you want to ace it then you would definitely need more and more practice.

    Do not hesitate to make the mistakes but try to improvise it whenever possible.

  3. According to my opinion technical recruiters should know atleast the basics about the technology / skills they are working upon.

    For example- If you are hiring candidates with skills like AngularJS / Angular- One should know weather its a language or framework. Also we should know what is the difference between AngularJS and Angular 2+.

    Conclusion- We should atleast know the basics of any technology / skill that we are hiring for.