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Sourcing Specialist finding 'right' talent for a global technology companies and bridging the gap between 'talent' and the 'opportunity'. Specialties: Talent Sourcing, Boolean Strings, X-Ray Search, Passive Sourcing, Volume Hiring, Niche Skill Hiring, End-to-End Recruitment, Professional Networking, Excel Reports

  • Sourcing Specialist
  • ThoughtWorks
  • IT Services
  • 9 years
  • Pune
  1. In my opinion, there is no comparison in two roles and it is solely depends upon your interest and career choice. These are 2 different career paths and your success depends on the ability to adopt the change and excel in the work with the knowledge of tools and techniques. Although there is a possibility of automation in the recruitment process and role to be redundant, still there are ways in which you will add value to a recruiting function as a co-ordinator. Try to imagine co-ordinator role beyond scheduling and you will see great potential in the areas like reporting, recruiting data analytics, dashboards, etc.

  2. Try this -> https://www.linkedin.com/cap/project/savedProfiles/<Your Project Code Here>?max=50


    1. Get your Project Code from LIR Project URL
    2. Paste Project ID in the URL above
    3. Changing max from 50 to 100 will load 100 profiles in a single page
    4. Limitation is LinkedIn allows you to send only max 50 inmails at a time
  3. I personally prefer injecting js (javascript) code to LinkedIn webpage.

    There are lot of readily available js scripts on Github created by Andre Bradshaw

    Link: https://github.com/andrebradshaw/random-LinkedIn-tools

    Option 1: Injecting js to webpage

    How to use: Right Click on Your Webpage -> Inspect -> Console -> Copy-Paste js and enter

    Option 2: Converting js to Bookmarklet – Shortcut button to browser

    How to use: Go to https://mrcoles.com/bookmarklet/ -> Copy-Paste js and convert it to Bookmarklet -> Go to Bookmark manager of Chrome -> Add bookmark -> Copy-Paste your bookmarklet code

  4. If we are talking about tapping candidates following on ‘any’ social media platform then easiest way is to engage them more with the help of meaningful content with specific call to action.

    Ex: Sharing the list of best practices in programming along with the available job opportunities in your organization.