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Passionate Recruiter, sourcer, problem solver in hiring great folks to business. I love to share ideas and discuss on current trends on hiring and recruitment. Please connect me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/niveditanayak1/ to discuss more.

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    Company Follower search can be done through LinkedIn recruiter account Advance Search. This is the easiest way to attract candidates and fill your position as candidates know much of the information. Hope this link clarifies: Company Follower Search

  2. Candidate’s offer decline depends on entire hiring process starting from source to hire. Offer to drop out can be reduced through the following steps:

    1. Understand the candidate’s aspiration. It really doesn’t make any sense if candidate’s aspiration doesn’t meet what you are offering. The candidate goes for the best offer. Three things are very important to any person in the job viz: health, wealth, and career. Focus on what your organization covering on all these aspects.
    2. Compelling Candidate engagement and interviewing experience should be given.
    3. The candidate has to be engaged with HM in terms of work, their role with whom they are gonna work. E.g: People love to work with a team member who comes from IIT, NIT, or any premier institutes or any entrepreneurial background.
    4. Be honest and have transparency with candidate.
    5. Always sell your internal culture, know your Employee Value Proposition (EVP), why you are different from other companies.

    If you follow these steps, you will see reduce in offer decline ratio. I have seen candidates coming back and joining with us for 2nd time due to a better candidate experience or referred someone else even though they get rejected. People always remember how you made them feel. I think a compelling candidate experience is new recruitment :).

  3. The main focus to sell your start-ups as follows:

    1. Need to stand out and capture the attention are the leaders of the business. What background your leaders come, their past, history, education, previous successful start-ups, etc.
    2. Most of the established companies have built their product. The next phase is on support or staying innovative to stay ahead from the other competitors or leaders of the market
    3. In a start-up, candidate get a chance to build the product from scratch with a great team and new technologies.
    4. Always be proud to work in a smaller setup environment because of lack of politics and transparency. This is what most start-ups are proud of.
    5. The shared vision and a shared culture.
    6. candidates need to be engaged with hiring managers like a customer.
    7. A candidate who believe in your idea and willing to solve your business problem with a meaningful impact. People see what impact they are gonna make by solving business problems.