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  1. Maybe you can start with these types of X Ray search strings to fetch the list initially for social media platforms like linked in,

    site:linkedin.com/in female ceo executive “managing director” 

    • we can initially start with this type of search to narrow down our results straight to get only diversity candidates

    site:linkedin.com/in she her women women’s ladies

    • moving next lets try to get the diversities out by these types of keywords. So, These together with with your requirement keyword would actually fetch you the initial level of results to be suitable.
    • And, ‘ women ladies ‘ keywords are mentioned to sort out results on the college/school educational side . For eg. “meenakshi ‘ladies‘ college” , “women’s college”– may help you get the needed results at ease.
    • Also click onto to images tab may refine your results even more better.

    Let me know if you’d interested to know more..

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    BOOLEAN is one of the Popular & Powerful logical search combination system for Data Sourcing.
    As everyone is aware boolean basically has 3 Operators namely ‘AND’,’OR’,*-NOT*.These Combinational Operators together with the keyword’s for the Required Need can be used to fetch any type of date from any global platforms,portals,websites,etc.. via Search Engine
    For Example below is a boolean search string for buying PS4 Joystick Online through a search engine like google,yahoo,etc..
    *(amazon OR flipkart OR “paytm mall”) AND (gaming OR console OR accessories) AND ps4 joystick*
    In the above Example we used,
    ( ) to group various websites amazon, flipkart & “paytm mall” because they represent Similar Family
    (Wondering why “paytm mall” is in Double Quotes?
    Since we are in a specific need of getting joystick from the space where paytm actually have their e-commerce is paytm mall, which is a specific phrase. Likewise, while constructing boolean strings ,It’s necessary that we utilize
    (double quotes) for obtaining specifically refined search results.)
    In the context of recruitment, We basically use boolean to fetch candidate’s profiles from various portals,platforms,etc..
    Over my Recent Market Analysis, Majority of the recruiters utilize, ‘AND’ , ‘OR’ as their basic search string operators to fetch suitable candidatures.
    I hope this Answer provides you clear view on boolean
    P.S: But on my point of view the magical operator ‘NOT’ is utilized by the minimal crowd over the industry which actually carries different way/strategy to refine our outcome Effectively.
    Let me Know, If you would like to know more..

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    Candidate Engagement which plays a vital role in the Recruitment Industry & exactly in this case where Effective Followup will be one among them.
    I guess these would the basic essential things needed in the segment of interview followups,
    1. In the case of interview followups, automated plugin’s in browser’s would be extensively helpful to followup the candidates with a response expected mail(composed customized as per the candidate and his role on a fascinating way) and a timely update could be collected from the tool and tracked to get an update whether the candidate would take up interviews or not.
    2. On minimum headcount, it’s necessarily essential to do a call followup together with maybe seeing through their whatsapp,truecaller,etc.. like digital platform current last seen(coz a traveling candidate wouldn’t be possibly be on phone, maybe unusual while traveling to interviews) kind of things maybe essentially helpful at times.
    3. For larger sum automated plugins should have the focus upon effective follow ups and tracking. On the day of interview is the most important thing in the complete scenario, where timely call updates are necessarily needed even when the candidates are reached to the venue as necessary support on reaching the proper exact interview venue in the location in much essential.
    P.S : I would love to share the browser plugins in my next answer, if anyone is interested.

  4. On My Point of View in recruitment industry ,
    1. Let’s try to make the candidate initially understand about What Exactly is the Role & Responsibility we’re Hiring for.
    2. Moreover a proper timely communication with the candidate is mandatory until and unless we attain the proper trust of the candidate which makes the point candidate engagement to be more vital.
    3. Next which comes the value creation , where actual Employer branding together with self Branding plays a major role to achieve this part with a sustainable outcome.
    4. Finally, I believe that,these would the basic essential things needed to sort out the actual candidate who’ll be the right fit and the actual joiners, Maybe on my experience i would be limited with exposures but essentially these ways has created the right path for me in the industry of recruitment.

    P.S: For Job Hoppers, I guess a initial recruiters call should be followed up by a proxy call so that we’ll get to know the candidate’s interest in other opportunities as well. If in case of agency recruiter, we can actually make the worthy candidates stay with us exactly by showcasing them other suitable opportunities as well.But a proper communication will be the ultimate tool to make those stays to be a ‘Business Converts’.