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  1. Offer drop out can be certainly reduced to a decent extent by adapting the approach “Job for candidate” and NOT, “candidate for Job”


    Right form the initial stage of opening up the conversation, its essential to adapt a very empathetic approach which would provide insights in gauging out the candidates intentions. to a certain extent.


  2. 1. In depth understanding of the requirement you are working on.

    2. Probing attitude (be polite)

    3. Look for contradictions in answers on phone screen and given specifics in the resumes.

    4. Basic hygiene checks

    5. Forethought

    6. Gauge out future possibilities based on past experiences.

    7. Sound knowledge base of tech stack.

    8. Empathetical approach during phone screens.

    9. Be consultative.

    10. Look out for genuinity by reading through and between the lines in the CV’s.




  3. 1. Passion

    2. Zeal to excel

    3.hunger to learn

    4. Be disruptive

    5. Break the traditional norms

    6. Be tech savvy

    7. Sound candidate engagement skills

    8. Knowledge base

    9. Data analysis

    10. Database reactivation


    And much more.


    Hope that helps!!




  4. It’s essential to be empathetic towards the candidates.. We never know what state they are into. If you happen to stumble upon a hasty candidate, its always better to be patient, drop emails with the JD, company profile and additional info like your contact details in your mail signature… With plethora of communication channels to choose from, one of the best option would be to use Facebook messenger to wave, poke or ping. Take time.. Pause…Ask what would be the best way and time to connect.. Seek permission… Value their time.. and then reach out. If you desire quick rsponse, be prepared on losing out a potential candidature.

  5. One of the best ways to generate / fetch probable synonyms or make your search return max possibilities is by using the wildcard.