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I'm Harish Boddu, currently working for NVIDIA, Bengaluru, KA India. My core objective is to become a Professional Recruiter irrespective of industries, skills, geographies and demographics I have got 7 years of experience into Multinational Hiring, gained experience into IT & Non-IT, Semiconductor, Embedded, technical and functional hiring and involved in both on-site and offshore model of hiring. I have hired candidates for the most popular technologies that are ruling the market viz: SemiCon (Verification, Frontend Design, Pre-Si, Post-Si, etc), Multimedia (Audio Codecs, Video Codecs), Cloud (Azure, AWS, O365)Database (Oracle, SQL, IBM etc)Application Development (Java, SOA, .Net, SQL, Python, C/C++, iOS, Android)Database Management (RDBMS, Oracle, SQL, IBM, etc)Quality Assurance (ETL, Application, Soasta, CA-LISA, HP-ALM, Database QA, Talend, Informatica)Project Management (Apps PM, SOA PM, SAP PM, QA PM, Prince PM, PMI PM, BFSI PM etc), Information Security (ArcSight, QRadar, IBM, Archer etc), Identity and Access Management (IBM, Oracle, SUN-IdM)Data Sciences (Python, R, SQL, Big Data, Hadoop, Scala)GIS, ERP (SAP, MS Dynamics, Oracle, etc).

  • Staffing Specialist
  • Semiconductor
  • 7 years
  • Bangalore
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    I have taken one of the old examples and below is the answer This is based on the W2 and the currency is USD

    Type W2
    Bill Rate $70
    Expected Pay $50
    Taxes (14.85%) on Pay Rate $7.43
    Final-Pay (All Tax + Pay Rate) $57.43
    Gross Margin (Bill Rate – Final Pay) $12.58
    GM% ((Gross Margin/Bill Rate)*100) 17.96%

    Tax Percentage varies from state to state (above tax percentage taken from TX state as of 2017, it might have changed, update it accordingly)

  2. Hey US Tech Info,

    Very nicely mentioned. I liked it and thank you so much for being part of the Fraternity. I wish you all the best and happy recruiting.

    Best, Harish

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    Hi Sneha,
    Here is my answer to your question.
    Sourcing Strategy is a generic term that has widespread. So I would like to analyze with an example. Below are the scenarios for the same company in different positions located in Bengaluru.
    Scenario-1: A Payment Gateway Start-Up is looking to hire a Java Backend Developer with 5-8 Yrs of experience, should have strong experience in SQL & NoSQL background, the candidate should be from Tier-1 or Tier-2 Colleges and from anywhere in India. Start-Up experience is a must.
    Interview Type: Coding Assignment, Telephonic & Face-to-Face Interview.
    Scenario-2: A Payment Gateway Start-Up is looking to hire an Engineering Manager with 10-15 Yrs of experience, should have strong experience in B2B Product Development Background, the candidate should be from Tier-1 or Tier-2 Colleges and Bengaluru. At least last 2 experiences should be start-ups
    Interview Type: Coding Assignment, Explo Discussion, Telephonic & Face-to-Face Interview.
    Strategy for Scenario-1: Based on the Team Size, first map the Payment Gateway Companies in Bengaluru and also who are using a similar technical stack when compared to our company. Then find out the total number of team members actively working on this requirement. Let’s say two recruiters are working on this requirement, one should purely dedicated to the job portals that your company using and the other should be restricted to the Social media platforms at the initial search. Then exchange the sourcing activity vice-versa. For this requirement most of the time we can find through Job Portals alone no need for Social Media Platforms.
    Strategy for Scenario-2: As I told earlier, we need to find-out Payment Gateway Companies. Then need to find a similar technical stack that the companies are using. Here there is no need of multiple recruiters working as the pool size would be limited, one recruiter is enough and who should be dedicatedly working on this requirement and we have to depend on Social Media Platforms only as the candidates are not much interested in posting resumes in Job Portals as they don’t like getting too many calls.
    Strategy for Scenario-1 & Scenario-2 Interview Process: Find-out most optimum and cost-effective tool to organize the coding test and remaining things can be handled based on the communication you maintain with the candidate.
    Sourcing Strategies: Generally people worry about sourcing. It is very simple when you understand the requirement concept.

    1. When you are hiring for the position which is on an urgent basis: use job boards, GitHub, references, circle updates (like WhatsApp groups, LinkedIn Groups etc)
    2. When you are hiring for a position which has time but needs superb quality candidate: use LinkedIn, as in Indian industry people are not using updated Social media platforms.
    3. When you are hiring for functional roles (like Marketing, Finance, HR, Operations, etc): Find-out the relevant job board for this and use it to the optimum level.

    Right now with the level of experience I’ve gained so far, I could able to answer to the above level. If there is any mistake, I kindly request you or the members to correct me.
    Happy Recruiting

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    Hi Sumanth,
    I would like to answer your question on Domestic Staffing Vs. US Staffing.
    Majorly there is no difference except the timings (US Staffing is purely Night Shift Only). I am comparing US Staffing with Domestic Staffing.
    Pros of US Staffing:

    • Technologies you work are most of the time similar yet there are several niche skills in all the technologies.
    • Work culture would be a bit refined and more of target-oriented (if you get the good client, it is achievable).
    • Salary & Incentives are high compared to Domestic as the transactions are being done in Dollars.
    • Most of the jobs you work are contract jobs only (full-time positions also there but very less US Staffing Companies work on them).
    • Hiring Process is very quick and accurate.
    • Very structured and organized staffing business.

    Cons of US Staffing:

    • Volatile industry and your performance are purely based on your client’s relationship with the particular staffing agency.
    • You cannot shift to a day shift of US Staffing as most of the transactions are with US Jobs, US Candidates, and US Clients. Only a few activities of US Staffing can be done in day times as MIS, Payroll, Taxation, etc.
    • Most of the US Staffing firms practice Hire & Fire Policy (Staffing company will monitor your performance for 3 months, if nothing happens they tend to talk to you and fire you).
    • Most of the candidates not interested to relocate and try to look for jobs around 30 Kms of two-side travel.

    Pros of Domestic Staffing:

    • Client/Candidate Interactions are quite possible and able to meet them if possible.
    • You might get a chance to involve in the entire process of recruitment and most of the time you will work on Full-Time Roles where speaking with a candidate will be easy or able to convert the candidates for the job.
    • Day Shift Job which is not against the nature of the Indian Environment.
    • Job security is there and sometimes you will be able to take charge of extra responsibilities.

    Cons of Domestic Staffing:

    • Hiring process is way too slow (it takes 30 days technically to fill a technical role).
    • Point of Contact at the Client Side doesn’t have 100% knowledge on the job opportunity and decision at every step needs good time or changes regularly.
    • Duplication of Resumes is very very high as the entire recruitment process is not properly streamlined.
    • Salaries are low when it is compared with the experience the Recruiter carries.

    Similarities of Domestic & US Staffing:

    • Job Boards (Their Algorithms) follow the same logic for sourcing the profile
    • Cooperative Team and the Managers you find in both the industries
    • Technologies are similar in both Domestic and US Staffing yet there are some requirements which you don’t find in Domestic, for example, Registered Nurse in a corporate company who sits within HR Dept and works on Benefits and Leaves wherein Domestic we see those jobs are done by our HR People.

    As far as my experience is concerned I posted this answer if anything wrong please correct me.

  5. Hi Onkar,

    I always suggest my junior recruiters or whoever reach me for suggestions related to recruitment, I always tell them “First take-out the thought I don’t know or I am not aware”.

    There are so many ways to understand the JD, if you are not getting clarified ask you Team Leader or the person whom you are reporting.

    There are so many online applications available to understand the JD in a better manner, for example just visit: http://www.glasssquid.io

    Go through the above web page and try to post the JD and it will help you about the technology.

    I wish you all the best.

  6. Hi Krishna,

    I really liked your question, I came across this situation.

    Nowadays Employer Branding is one of the crucial aspect where job aspirants want to join in a company which is Branded. Let us understand first how a company gets into employee’s choice to work?

    The company will be employee’s of choice only when the company able to show them a path which is beyond work, targets,  achievements, pressure etc. When a company is able to show an employee after his/her home the next pit-stop as a work place then automatically the company is Employee’s choice.

    Coming to the core concept “How to hire people for the organization which doesn’t have branding”

    When a company is in the process of building a Brand, then the company has to work on several concepts

    • Salary
    • Perks
    • Challenging Concepts that the company is dealing with
    • Flexible working hours
    • Regular Employee Engagement Activities

    Nowadays there are several Architects, EMs, Directors are looking for Challenging Roles with good package and perks.

    So, when hiring a candidate for upcoming Brands, first explain the Challenge that the company is facing, make them feel that they are really important for this role where they only can solve the particular challenge that the company is facing. Let them know that how important their presence in the organization and also let them know what all that the company can do to the candidate once he hired (apart from the salary what are all the other benefits can be provided).

    Hope I’ve given some inputs, I wish you all the best.




  7. Hi There,

    I would like to take this opportunity to give my first ever answer on this platform.

    Coming to the answer, as far as I know, there is no such thing like qualification (with respect to Degree Only) for doing Recruitment.

    Recruitment is always an art, an art doesn’t need degree. Degree is just to give you a qualification and cannot assure the artistic nature within you.

    What degree that Dirubhai Ambani had? and where he managed a huge number of people within his company, What degree that JRD Tata had? and where he created a history in Indian Industrial Sector and proclaimed to be “Father of Indian Civil Aviation”

    It’s always your interest and observation while pursuing any career or interest. Hence there is no requirement of Graduation to become Recruiter.

    I believe that I answered upto my knowledge. I wish you all the best. If you have any questions please comment on the same here.