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Seasoned recruiter with more than 5 years’ experience in end to end Recruitment with leading product based Organizations

  • Senior-Recruiter-TA-HR
  • Commvault
  • IT Services
  • 5 years
  • Bengaluru
  1. Artificial Intelligence is Machine Intelligence – Which is always logical and goes with a pre-written set of rules or Algorithms.

    Recruitment – Is a process of hiring the right/best talent into an Organization. The Process varies in the Industry depending on the requirement/need and various other factors like Quality of Hire, Time to fill, Competitive Intelligence, Performance etc

    i. Requirement Gathering – Understanding the requirement is one of the eye factor in recruitment. If you jump into the process without understanding the role, you will end up wasting time to fill the role. We have different flavors of roles and fancy designations in the Industry. AI can definitely pick up the key words better than a recruiter and we are already using competitive tools which understands the Job Description and throws relevant profiles

    ii) Planning – Now this is going to be the Architecture of your Target. Planning is again done with certain logic – Number of roles, Time to fill, Past experiences, Market Intelligence, Competitor Intelligence etc. Definitely a machines can over the period in time learn the dynamics of Planning too. We already have enough Strategic and Planning tools in the Market for various operations in a company. It just has to take a turn to recruitment practice

    iii) Sourcing/Screening – Every company irrespective of any Industry has a sourcing tool. AI is playing a major role already in most of the tools and It has become a competitive factor among the Job Boards/Job Portal based Software Companies. Profiles based on relevancy, cloning the profile, strategic sourcing, Technology hiring, Hiring at scale etc has optimized our screening efficiently

    iv) Interview Coordination – Today we should agree the fact that “Life at office runs by calendar”. We have a lot of  scheduling tools which takes the appointment for the Interview from the Candidate. It does everything right from blocking panels’ calendar to blocking the rooms and sending Invites. It may sound difficult when you hire in scale but it definitely optimizes the process to a greater extent

    v) Offering – It is end of the day numbers. Every company has a range and the ctc will be definitely offered within the range for the desired role. Some times it is just an exception where the ctc may go out of range and which is definitely possible to automate. Yes AI can play a major factor in this regard too

    But Recruitment doesn’t end there. For Humans it is not just Job. It is Aspiration, Dream, Achievement, Success, Interest and many other emotions Involved. Yes you read it right – “Choosing a Job is an Emotion” Gone are those days where people just work for Re-numeration. When there is so much emotion in chorusing a job definitely Machine cannot give one. You need a “Human touch” for Recruitment.

    I strongly believe that AI can ease the work of Recruiter but cannot take place of a recruiter. Till we have “I, Robot” (English Movie) actually Invented