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A global recruiter who helps companies find LOCAL talent across 60+ countries! Having been in hiring solutions for over 27yrs, has helped thousands of professionals find their calling. Constantly trying to re-invent and be relevant in the dynamic world, where the power of choice has shifted from the employer to the employee.. Let me know what kind of role could compel you to move from your present engagement!! RSVP menon@optionsindia.com or schedule a call (https://calendly.com/menon/20min)

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    I have a different perspective.
    If we as recruiters need to be respected as professionals, like a doctor, lawyer or Chartered accountant – there are three points we need to meet. ( Great book by Subroto Bagchi, founder Mindtree)
    These are the ability to work unsupervised, the ability to certify the completion of a job or task and, finally, the ability to behave with integrity at all times.
    I also highly recommend this article which explains what is expected of Recruiters!

    Neither of these writers allude to , a degree but when we aspire to be the best, it is better to set our eyes go beyond the minimum accepted norms!,Right:)!?


  2. Interesting you ask !

    IMHO, a recruiter is a sales person – selling jobs to candidates, or selling candidates to companies. And so in a market where the power of choice is now in the jobseekers favour, it is essential we become the ‘go-to’ recruiter ! The future belongs to the recruiter -who can build relationships/community .

    So how does one differentiate ourselves from the several other recruiters- it is the way we make the candidates feel- the engagement, the experience..

    It is said that Facts tell. Stories Sell.

    If we connect emotionally to any person, we have a better chance of not only being remembered, but also referred more often to their extended network. With increased credibility, our impact will be better

    In this world, everyone loves a winner. And so -having success stories -that a sure way to touch the chord in more candidates. Ofcourse, one has to be authentic, and be knowledgeable!

    More than ‘great’ success stories, I feel a genuine testimonial from a candidate-will go a long way in building one’s brand equity!!